Fans Are Furious That Katy Perry Performed in the Dolly Parton Tribute at the Grammys


The 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony gathered the leading ladies of country music to honor our queen Dolly Parton in a star-studded tribute. The performance included Dolly, Kacey Musgraves, Miley Cyrus, Maren Morris, Little Big Town, and, uh, Katy Perry?

The latter left viewers feeling rather puzzled, especially when Dolly, Kacey, and Katy got together to sing the Dolly classic, “Here You Come Again.” Suffice it to say, people were not thrilled about the rendition.

dolly parton grammy awards

Getty ImagesKevin Mazur

“Starting off this Dolly Parton tribute with…*checks notes*… Katy Perry,” a follower sarcastically tweeted. “Who let Katy Perry be in this Dolly tribute, I just want to talk,” another person added. “Somebody tell Katy Perry she’s honoring Dolly, not trying out for American Idol,” one fan quipped. “You ruined that song!” one even claimed.



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