Celebrities’ love lives before they were famous


People tend to forget that celebrities had a life before they became famous. Not only that, but they led pretty normal lives, dating ordinary people. Sometimes, a couple of aspiring actors or singers would break up and later both of them would reach stardom and for some reason, we find those stories fascinating. Here are some of them.

Neil Patrick Harris and Christine Taylor


Source: E!

Christine Taylor apparently helped Neil Patrick Harris that he is gay. He said in an interview: “She’s the coolest, nicest chick ever. She’s an absolute catch,” he said, “and I thought, ‘If I’m not going to feel the super sparks with her … it probably means I’m gay.”

As it were, he didn’t feel sparks for Christine and the rest is history.

David Gallagher and Megan Fox


Source: Instagram

Another teenage love, David Gallagher and Megan Fox dated when he was 18 and she 17, long before she became famous….



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