We love the reaction this working mom got for her pump break sign at work 👏


Finding an appropriate time and place to pump is challenging for many working mothers. And when you’re working retail and you find yourself minding the store alone, it becomes even harder.

That’s why Codey Burghard, a mama herself, was sympathetic when she rolled up to a dollar store in Ohio only to find the door locked and a hand-written note posted. It reads: “Sorry. Had to pump for baby [and no one] else is here. Be back in 30. Thanks.”

“I’m sure there’s gonna be at least one customer who complains,” Burghard captioned a photo of the sign, which she uploaded to Facebook, “but I support this 100% it’s not the employees fault at all, pumping at work is a right.”

It’s great that customers like Burghard can empathize with the anonymous mother rather than railing on her for inconveniencing them, and it’s also great that note writer felt empowered to take the break that her body (and her baby) need her to…



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