The damage of Liam Neeson’s remarks (opinion)

The admission ignited a social media firestorm. Neeson was swiftly denounced by Twitter users as “disgusting” and an example of “white, toxic masculinity.”
While Neeson later appeared on “Good Morning America” to clarify his comments and deny that he was a racist, the damage was already done. Neeson will now be known as an actor who contemplated a hate crime.

Many people mistakenly believe that there’s no such thing as negative publicity. They couldn’t be more wrong. Actors and other celebrities often speak out in public — as Neeson was trying to do — to promote their latest projects, and at times they venture into subjects that they’re not particularly well suited to tackle. But, like everyone else, their bad behavior has severe consequences.

Of course, Neeson is not alone in his astonishing lack of public relations judgment. Here are a few other particularly memorable celebrity PR fails.

Roseanne Barr’s…



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