Melania Trump 2019: ‘Hidden Message’ in First Lady’s Dress at Donald Trump’s State of Union Address Demystified


United States first lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices are often interpreted by people on social media and the press as having hidden messages. So Mrs. Trump’s stylist, Hervé Pierre, was quick to dismiss any theories about her outfit at U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest State of the Union address last Tuesday.

Mrs. Trump wore a military-inspired coat dress made by the British luxury fashion line Burberry. A number of social media users was also quick to point out that the first lady was wearing a black glove only on her left hand. Some netizens made fun of it while others said it could be an intentional move out of respect to the people she had to shake hands with that day.

Meanwhile, as if speaking from experience, Pierre advised people not to think too seriously about how the first lady dressed last Tuesday. “Afterward, social media will go on about Brexit or whatever….



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