Kyle Schwarber could be key to bigger things for Cubs lineup


Front-row ticket for the Cubs’ home opener: $218.

Stadium beer in a plastic cup: $9.

Cubs’ lineup six months after a quick and ugly exit from the playoffs: Bryceless.

It doesn’t have quite the ring to it as, say, “That’s Cub.” Nor does it have much potential for boosting ticket sales.

But as the Cubs open spring training this week in Arizona, it might be how the team is defined this year, unless Harper suddenly shows up on their doorstep in a late-spring shocker or someone else fills the void with a breakthrough 2019.

Someone like Kyle Schwarber?

Could the left-handed power bat and big-stage track record that Bryce Harper won’t be bringing to the Cubs’ outfield
instead be provided by Schwarber?

“There’s no question that he could be one of those generational talents that just goes off,” teammate Ian Happ said. “I think the beauty of our team is that we have so many guys who can be…



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