Hochman: Cubs kaput? Don’t bet on it | Benjamin Hochman


JUPITER, Fla. • The mess in Mesa, it’s 2,282 miles away, essentially on another planet from Jupiter.

But the Cubs loom here in Florida. They fascinate. They’re still a factor.

Now, the Cardinals’ rival club went from possible dynasty to “Dynasty,” a primetime soap opera like the old ’80s show, minus the shoulder pads (though, as Kris Bryant recently told reporters, the playoff-losing Cubs do have “a chip on our shoulder.”).

What makes the Cubs a mess? Their All-Star shortstop is accused by his ex-wife of physical and mental abuse. Addison Russell is suspended for 28 games this season, but the club is standing by him. Also, emails from the billionaire Joe Ricketts, the father of the Cubs’ chairman, were published by SplinterNews.com — and the emails were…



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