Donald Trump’s snubs of Iraqi officials risk US influence in Baghdad


US President Donald Trump’s mistreatment of Iraq has put at risk Washington’s influence in Baghdad and given rise to the possibility of American troops being removed from the country, experts say.

Relations between the two states have grown tense after Mr Trump’s unannounced visit to Al Asad airbase in western Iraq and his failure to meet Iraqi officials in December, as well as his recent declaration that forces stationed there will keep an eye on Iran.

Mr Trump’s actions have pushed lawmakers to call for a draft bill to expel the US military presence, seen by some as an “occupying” force.

Nearly 16 years after the US invasion of Iraq, there remains about 5,000 US troops stationed in the country.

Yet, the discourse in Iraq remains that Mr Trump cannot decide on whether or not he wants to keep troops in the country, Renad Mansour, research…



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