Tesla releases new software update with blind spot warning and auto-folding mirrors


Tesla is starting to release a new software update to add a few new features to its vehicles including blind spot warning and auto-folding mirrors.

We haven’t seen many software updates from Tesla lately, but we are now getting reports of a new version 9 2019.4 update with two new features that the automaker started pushing to a select few owners.

Tesla wrote in the release notes:

Blind Spot Warning Chime

When making a lane change, you can now turn on an audible chime to warn you when a possible collision with a vehicle or obstacle is detected in your target lane. To enable the blind spot warning chime, touch Controls > Autopilot > Blind Spot Warning Chime

Through the Autopilot system, Tesla clearly has the capacity to detect vehicles in blind spots, but it was only actively warning drivers during a lane change.

We suggested that Tesla deploys more blind spot alerts and CEO Elon Musk was…



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