‘Ivanka Trump’ vacuuming crumbs is not brilliant art


But while Americans may not be used to so much blatant plutocratic elitism, the art world is. In this field, small numbers of wealthy people determine most of what gets seen and talked about. Wealthy museum board members underwrite frivolous exhibitions, the press follows the money, nepotism runs rampant.

Rubell, who is best known for producing art installations made up of vast piles of food, now gives us “Ivanka Vacuuming,” through February 17 at CulturalDC’s mobile art gallery. A look-alike of the President’s daughter, in a pink tube dress in stiletto heels, vacuums up crumbs from a fuchsia carpet. As she works, viewers are invited to throw more crumbs at her feet, which they can collect from a nearby mountain of crumbs.

Ivanka Trump, apparently feeling attacked, responded to the piece on Twitter: “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter.”

Trump has a thin…



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