Glanville: To DH or not to DH, that is the question


With commissioner Rob Manfred’s announcement yesterday that Major League Baseball will hold off on the universal designated hitter, it took me back to this scene when I was playing in the American League for the first time at the ripe old age of 32.

“Seriously, their starter is still in the game?” I wondered.

It’s 2003. I am an outfielder with the Texas Rangers; a lifelong National Leaguer on a one-year free agent deal in the AL West. Where am I?

Earlier in the game that day, we had knocked the starting pitcher around. My internal National League clock told me the pitcher was out of the game because he would have come to bat by now. It was the fourth inning. No way the manager would keep him in after all the hits we just racked up. He cannot get anyone out.

But he is still in there. How?

I grew up in northern New Jersey, so I had a balanced baseball experience between the AL New York…



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