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Music is the balm to the soul. The most beautiful thing about music is that whatever emotion you have, there will always be a song for it. There are tons of genres, and new artists are coming up with new and interesting tunes each passing day. Like the past few years, best songs 2018 has also provided a year full of wonderful musical surprises.

best songs 2018

Image:, @#RedMusic
Source: UGC

The best musical surprises that 2018 has given us include Taylor Swift. Earlier in the year, Taylor took down her entire Instagram and decided to start over. This was after a lot of backlash from a guy that claimed to have been victimized by Taylor Swift. The man had sued to get his job back, but it emerged that he had tried to touch her inappropriately. After all the drama died down, something happened to Taylor’s Music; it changed from the bittersweet love ballads we are used to and transformed into some seriously badass…



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