Why Did Twitter Shares Gain 20% in 2018? — The Motley Fool


What happened

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) had a very high-profile year, at least partly because of President Trump’s fondness for the medium. The company also benefited from the very public missteps at Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), its chief rival in the social-media space.

The company stabilized and grew its business in 2018. In the third quarter, for example, revenue grew by 29% to $758 million from the same quarter a year ago. Average daily users were up 9% year over year in Q3 and 11% in Q2.

It’s also worth noting that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been more credible and open on privacy issues than Mark Zuckerberg has. That has added to Facebook’s woes while almost certainly helping its rival.

“We’re doing a better job detecting and removing…



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