‘The third era of Zuck’: how the CEO went from hero to humiliation | Technology


At this time last year, it seemed reasonable to assume that Mark Zuckerberg was taking the first steps on a journey toward Washington DC – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, to be precise.

The Facebook chief executive had just completed one leg of a whistlestop tour around America that was fueling rumors of a Zuck 2020 presidential run. His Facebook profile was serving up a stream of photographs featuring Zuckerberg in a variety of politically symbolic encounters wearing politically appropriate facial expressions: serious and engaged at a boardroom table with military leaders; warm and open at lunch with military spouses; respectful and besuited at a black church in Charleston; confident and manly at a Nascar racetrack.

Twelve tumultuous months later, Mr Zuckerberg is indeed going to Washington – but it’s to testify before both houses of Congress about the massive data harvesting scandal that has enraged the…



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