Selena Gomez Leaning On Taylor Swift After Hospitalization


Taylor Swift has been there for Selena Gomez through thick and thin.

The singer is a “constant source of comfort” for Gomez, 26, after she left treatment in December, according to a report from ET Online. Gomez entered treatment after she was hospitalized in October, and is in a “good place” now.

“Selena is in a really good place. She’s taking time for herself and reconnecting with friends and important people in her life,” a source told the outlet. “Taylor has always been a constant source of comfort for Selena, and aside from having a great friendship, the two are able to connect on a level that most will never understand.”

Swift, 29, recently reconnected with Gomez, sharing a photo together on Instagram. The pair have been friends since 2008, getting close while taking Joe and Nick Jonas respectively in 2008. They’re careers have taken them all over the world, but they remain close friends.

“They are two of…



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