Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump’s daughter may become World Bank chief, replacing Jim Yong Kim | World | News


The First Daughter is one of the names being considered, among several others, for a role as the head of the World Bank after its Obama-appointed head, Jim Yong Kim, suddenly resigned earlier this week. Donald Trump has already been accused of nepotism after appointing his daughter to the role of special adviser, making the potential new role highly controversial. However, to avoid breaches and accusations of ethical conduct, Ivanka currently works unpaid.

In her current role, she has met with numerous heads of government and even replaced her father at the G20 world leaders meeting where she was seated next to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump has also dismissed rumours of Ivanka being considered for the role of United Nations Ambassador after Nikki Haley announced that she would resign.

Mrs Haley is also rumoured to be in the running for this role along with the President’s daughter.

Ivanka is also said to…



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