International Committee that Lambasted Facebook CEO Could be Coming to Canada


The chair of Canada’s House of Commons privacy committee has today revealed that the international grand committee of elected officials, that ripped into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over user data, could be coming to Canada for a meeting on Disinformation and ‘Fake News’ this Spring, the National Post is reporting.

According to Conservative MP Bob Zimmer, the meeting is still in the planning stages and could take place in Ottawa in late May. “We’re going to involve a little bit of Facebook, but we’re going to go a bit further,” said Zimmer. “We want to build on the legacy that was established in London”.

Zimmer said he couldn’t go into details about what the committee will discuss before the meeting was officially scheduled, but said “it’s looking exciting what we’re planning to do.”

In Canada, the House privacy committee pursued its own investigation into Cambridge…



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