EP Review: Lauren Reiner’s ‘Little Rain’ Channels Julien Baker & Taylor Swift

Lauren Reiner’s ‘Little Rain’ EP has the mysticism of early Taylor Swift and the maturity of Julien Baker.

How many more mistakes can I make? Thought I knew better,” Lauren Reiner sings in the second track off her new EP, Little Rain (out today, January 11, 2019). Throughout Little Rain, Reiner ruminates on her past with the thoughtfulness of modern day Robert Plant but the matter-of-fact nature of early Taylor Swift. It’s often easy to sit and wonder why we do and feel certain things, but Reiner is able to recognize and diagnose her own emotions effectively.

Stream: ‘Little Rain’ – Lauren Reiner

Little Rain - Lauren Reiner

Little Rain – Lauren Reiner

Throughout the EP’s five songs, Reiner often explores heartache and closure. It opens with a kiss-off to an ex or old fling. Even though there’s a lot of melancholy over the song’s jazzy drums and sparse guitar, “You’d Rather” also…



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