Why Did James Norton Quit ‘Grantchester’? The Reason Actually Makes So Much Sense


Mystery busting, all good person vibes, clever as can be, and (frankly) a dish — James Norton’s what-I-go-to-church-for character is sadly set to make a departure from ITV’s addictive AF show Grantchester. What the actual eff?! This is not a drill. When terrible things happen, all you can do is fall to your knees, look up to the sky, look up at at whichever deity takes your fancy and scream “WHY?!”. Or, you could just read on to find out why James Norton left Grantchester?

Well y’all, according to an interview he did on BBC’s The One Show it looks like big things are a brewing for this angel faced vicar. Yes sir, Hollywood called and he took that damn call. He told the hosts, “I think, ultimately, you have to keep moving forward. After the three series, we had a kind of natural end to the storyline with Amanda. It felt like, to start a whole new storyline, which could potentially, hopefully, take a few more…



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