VIZIO SB46514-F6 46-Inch 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar System Gear Review



For this review, I sampled a variety of Dolby Atmos 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and streaming titles in lossless TrueHD or lossy Dolby Digital Plus, including Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Meg, The Matrix, Blade Runner 2049, Jupiter Ascending, Justice League, and more. Likewise, I also listened to several clips from Dolby Atmos and DTS demo discs.

Before going any further, I think it’s important to elaborate on one key limitation I discovered. Though the rear satellites do include up-firing drivers, the system does not currently output discrete rear height channels. Here’s what VIZIO had to say about the issue when I contacted them:

“The height channels currently meet Dolby’s original specifications for a 5.1.4 sound bar system, which only provides separate left and right height channels; the rear height channels play the same content as the front channels….



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