Trump holds off calling border emergency, says Congress should act


“It’s the easy way out,” Trump said of the national emergency route. “Congress should do this. This is too simple. It’s too basic. And Congress should do this.”

“If they can’t do it, I will declare a national emergency. I have the absolute right to do it,” Trump said.

One of the reasons Trump is reluctant to declare a national emergency: He believes his administration will be sued and that his actions will be blocked by the 9th Circuit.

“I’ll be sued. It’ll be brought to the 9th Circuit and maybe even though the wording is unambiguous … we’ll probably lose there, too,” Trump said, adding he would “hopefully win” at the Supreme Court.

Earlier in the week, White House lawyers began laying the groundwork for the legal defense of a national emergency declaration on the southern border, officials familiar with the matter said.

Preparations for the legal challenges has included advising the President’s aides on…



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