PGA would get boost if golfers could emulate hockey players on TV


Hockey players are special people.

How many professional athletes take questions during a game drenched in sweat, short on breath and probably emitting a stench that could seep through the stuffiest nose?

That’s what hockey players have done for decades. They leave the security of their dressing room at intermission and open themselves up to their listening or viewing audience, no matter their appearance. (There’s a reason Blackhawks players wear a hat during interviews). Stars and scrubs alike cooperate with the team’s broadcasters to bring themselves closer to their fans.

The PGA would like its players to follow suit, but that’s not an easy ask of people who shudder at the clicking of a camera, needing complete silence to strike the ball properly. Diverting their concentration from their round to answer questions would be about as desirable as playing in the worst British Open conditions…



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