Off-White Has Become The Millennial Fave Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner And Janhvi Kapoor Are Endorsing And Here’s All You Need To Know About It


If streetwear is your fashion fix, then we’re sure you’ve heard of Off-White. The Virgil-Abloh-designed brand is turning heads ever since it made its debut in 2013, but that’s not the story which deserves to be highlighted. For all those of you who want to understand serious fashion, this lesson is for you. Think of this as a way to keep you relevant in the fashion community, and make you seem like you know more than the sale clothes you can afford. 

iDiva_OFF-WHITE_1 (1)

Back in the day in 2002, when we were getting personally victimized by Aishwarya Rai’s beauty in Devdas, Virgil cracked a deal with Kanye West to be his right-hand man–from merchandising to creative and art direction, it was him at the centre of it. That however is something you wouldn’t expect considering he’s got a degree in engineering and a masters in architecture. By 2009, he was already interning at Fendi, and making a name for himself. The…



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