How many European Tour pros have played a tournament round hungover?


Pro golfers are just like us — they like to imbibe here and there, too. But how about the night before a tournament round? Do the best players in the world ever play hungover? The answer is yes. It happens. But how often?

That was one of the questions we asked players on the European Tour in our recent survey. Sound familiar? That’s because we asked PGA Tour pros the same question in 2018. As it turned out, European Tour players have actually played hungover LESS than PGA Tour players.

38% of the Euro Tour pros polled said yes, they’ve played a tournament round hungover before, which arrives a touch under the 46% of PGA Tour pros who admitted to some less-than-stellar feels during a round in their career. It’s worth remembering Englishman Eddie Pepperell, who fired a 67 during the final round of the 2018 British Open, all while being “a bit hungover.”  For a long time that day, he remained in…



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