Can Elon Musk Actually Make A Flying Tesla Car?


Musk has made some bold claims before. But is he serious this time?ASSOCIATED PRESS

Elon Musk turned a few heads on Twitter yesterday, January 9 when he claimed that an upcoming Tesla car might have the ability to fly. But is such an idea actually possible?

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO certainly hasn’t left us wanting with his somewhat outlandish schemes before. We’ve seen everything from a flamethrower to plans to start a Mars colony. Now it appears he’s going to add thrusters to a new version of the Tesla Roadster car, claiming it will give it the ability to fly.

“The new Roadster will actually do something like this,” Musk said in response to a tweet showing a picture of the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future. He added: “I’m not [joking]. Will use SpaceX cold gas thruster system with ultra high pressure air in a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel in place of…



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