Scooter Braun Talks Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and (Probably) Kanye – Variety


Anyone seeking an inspiring music-industry talk with some good stories along the way, look no further than Scooter Braun — manager of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and on-again-off-again with Kanye West — who’s built a formidable  company, SB Projects, and made some far-sighted investments over the past 12 years.

We’ve heard him speak several times before — in our Hitmakers feature last year and most recently in Nashville, where he challenged the music industry there to take on gun control — and his talk Tuesday in New York as part of Fast Company’s Innovation Festival unearthed some new stories and insights, and not just because his father made an unexpected appearance in the crowd. “This is gonna be super awkward for me,” Braun said about 15 minutes into the talk, after telling a story about getting good advice from his dad. “That guy who just walked in? My father has never watched me…



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