Special counsel Robert Mueller was spotted getting tech support at an Apple store


Eventually, everyone needs tech support — even Robert Mueller, the special counsel who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election.

His project is the talk of Washington DC, partly because of its importance, but also partly because of how mysterious it remains. There are few leaks from his team, and he doesn’t talk to the press.

But he’ll talk to a Genius at an Apple store, it seems.

Meghan Pianta, a communications professional in Washington DC, posted a picture of Mueller at the Georgetown Apple store on Wednesday afternoon on her Instagram Story.

“Give this man ALL the Genius Bar support he needs, pls,” she captioned the shot.

While Pianta said she thought the transaction may have had something to do with a laptop, it’s also possible that Mueller is buying iPhones, given that there are what appear two new smartphones sitting in their boxes near the Apple employee’s…



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