Billionaire Jack Dorsey, Who Doesn’t Take A Salary, Pocketed $80 Million In 2018


Billionaire tech CEO Jack Dorsey has sold more than one million shares, or roughly 3%, of his Square stake in 2018. (Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)© 2017 Bloomberg Finance LP

Jack Dorsey, who has run two of Silicon Valley’s hottest tech companies since 2015, is one of those chief executives who famously refuses to take a traditional paycheck. For the last several years, he declined any pay from Twitter and accepted a mere $2.75 from Square.

However, the man presumably still has bills to pay, and has been offloading stock in recent months. In 2018, he sold 1.7 million shares of Square, according to regulatory filings, netting him close to $80 million after estimated taxes. That’s not bad, even for someone juggling two companies.

It’s been a good time to sell Square. The company, which makes the little square devices used by small businesses to accept credit cards…



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