Travis Scott Fake Cheating Photo Makes Kylie Jenner Scared of Web


Late last night (Dec. 5), a YouTuber by the name of Christian Adam took credit for staging a photo-shoot that made it look as if Travis Scott cheated on his baby’s mother Kylie Jenner, and plenty of folks on the internet were upset. Understandably, one of those people was Jenner herself, who used her Instagram story to address the situation.

Jenner says she was scared of the internet after seeing the staged cheating photos make their way around the web.

“Idk if this is really a social experiment to some people but you’re messing with real people, real relationships, real family,” Jenner wrote, referencing the Adam’s claim that the hoax was meant to be a social experiment. “I’m happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. The internet scares me sometimes for real,” she in a message she po since-deleted post on her Instagram story.”

Last night (Dec. 5), YouTuber Christian Adam posted…



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