Robert Reich: Is There Anyone Left to Check Donald J. Trump?


Anyone still unsure of how (or even whether) they’ll vote in the midterms should consider this: All three branches of government are now under the control of one party, and that party is under the control of Donald J. Trump.

With the addition of Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court is as firmly Republican as are the House and Senate.

Kavanaugh has been revealed as a fierce partisan—not only as a legal advisor who helped Kenneth Starr prosecute Bill Clinton and potentially guided George W. Bush’s use of torture, but also a nominee who believed “leftists” and Clinton sympathizers were out to get him.

He joins four other Republican-appointed jurists, equally partisan. Thomas, Alito, and Roberts have never wavered from Republican fundamentalism. Neil Gorsuch, although without much track record on the Supreme Court to date, was a predictable Republican vote on the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit—which is…



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