Lady Gaga Is Ready to Rule the World


Lady Gaga stans were by far the loudest fandom during the Golden Globes nominations announcement on Thursday—in the livestream chat, on Twitter, and IRL at the press conference itself. Every time it was mentioned, A Star Is Born got audible “woos” from the audience (it was 5:30 AM in LA, so that’s saying something). Tons of comments on the Golden Globes Facebook Live feed were just all-caps lyrics from “Shallow,” the breakout single from Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s remake.

Turns out, the stans had a lot to get excited about on Thursday morning. A Star Is Born walked away with five Golden Globes nominations, including two for Gaga herself.

With a decade’s worth of hits under her belt, Gaga is definitively one of the biggest stars in the world. Rolling Stone dubbed her the “Queen of Pop” in 2011. In 2012, music journalist Rob Sheffield wrote, “It’s already hard to remember a world where…



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