Ivanka Trump diet plan: Donald Trump’s daughter eats THIS to achieve post-baby weight loss


Ivanka Trump, 37, acts as an advisor to her father Donald Trump, 72, and is noted for her impeccable dress sense and impressive physique. Mum-of-three Ivanka has revealed she works hard to maintain her figure through a combination of diet and exercise. Simple changes in the way she eats have ensured Ivanka shed any baby weight quickly after each of her pregnancies. Her lifestyle hasn’t always been healthy, and she has admitted in the past that before getting pregnant she “ate like a teenager…carbs three times a day usually in the form of pasta or pizza”.

But a diet overhaul has seen Ivanka making healthy diet choices, which include whole foods and avoiding carbs – but no juicing.

She told Eat This, Not That!: “I tried a juice cleanse, and it was a total disaster. For the eight hours that I lasted, I felt like I was on the brink of starvation. For me, it’s about making the right choices.”

She also…



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