Channing Dungey: Speculation On Move To Netflix Intensifies


Channing Dungey is still at ABC, wrapping things up and working on the transition to her successor as ABC Entertainment president, Karey Burke, but speculation about what she would do next is growing.

As we noted in the story at the time of the announcement of Dungey’s departure, there had been a lot of chatter about her possibly going to Netflix.

A couple of weeks later, that chatter has intensified. There is nothing official, and it is unclear whether Dungey has even met with the Netflix toppers yet, but she is considered a great choice to join the company’s executive ranks with her strong Hollywood relationships and the respect she has among her peers.

There would be a lot of possibilities for Dungey at Netflix on the programming side, including working with Shonda Rhimes or Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company — both based at Netflix with rich deals.

Dungey became the first…



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