Breaking down which golfer wins the most major championships in 2019 and beyond


I thought about this topic while listening to the excellent Shotgun Start podcast with Andy Johnson and Brendan Porath the other day. They were discussing Jon Rahm and how he’s one of the handful of guys we have to consider when talking about who’s going to have the most major championships going forward.

That is, if golf history started on Jan. 1, 2019, which player that we currently know of would end his career with the most major titles? It’s a fascinating conversation given the glut of talent in the game today and one that has no incorrect answers. So … who is going to have the most majors from this point forward? Here are my five candidates.

1. Jordan Spieth

I wanted to put J.T. here, but I may currently own all of the Jordan Spieth stock. It’s being distributed at unprecedented low prices, and I am buying it all. 

The case for: He’s…



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