Washington Monthly | The Right Has a Michael Flynn Hangover


Since the Special Counsel’s Office’s (SCO) much anticipated sentencing memo for Michael Flynn was heavily redacted, most of the early response has been aimed at guessing what was included that we were prevented from reading. There’s plenty of quality speculation (see, e.g., Nancy LeTourneau on Jared Kushner and Marcy Wheeler on Reza Zarrab). Byron York, however, is stuck in his own right-wing misinformation bubble.

It probably doesn’t behoove the right to spend a whole lot more time treating Michael Flynn as a martyr now that it’s clear that he sat for nineteen separate meetings with the SCO, but they invested an enormous amount of time in that effort over the last two years.  York is really stuck on two talking points that they developed.

The first is that the intelligence community (and outgoing Obama administration) originally went after Flynn for possibly violating the Logan Act,…



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