[Cargo] – Film Threat


The best “one-room thrillers” show the popular potential of indie cinema—with a strong script and dedicated performances, you don’t need a huge budget to get people’s blood pumping. These locked-box movies go back at least to Hitchcock’s Rope, but the triple threat of Devil, 127 Hours, and Buried in 2010 gave them a surprising moment in the sun. With Avatar released the previous year and the Marvel machine kicking into gear, it seemed like a revelation at the time to see movie stars like Ryan Reynolds and James Franco in small films where the camera almost never looked away from their faces. Since then, strong entries in the subgenre like Locke and 10 Cloverfield Lane have kept the fire alive. The new indie film [Cargo] wants to join their ranks, but within the first minute, it’s clear that its contents should be left to suffocate…



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