What exactly are Theo Epstein and the Cubs doing?


Now, Cubs pitching coach Jim Hickey might be the one getting run out of Wrigley Field. That was the rumor bouncing around inexplicably Wednesday like a Tyler Chatwood cutter.

It’s not that Hickey was being fired, or maybe he was. It’s more like he is being reassigned in the organization, or maybe he wasn’t.

At the general managers meetings in Carlsbad, Calif., Cubs baseball honcho Theo Epstein wouldn’t comment, but something is up.

For those of your scoring at home, changing out Hickey would mark the end of two pitching coaches the last two years and the end of two hitting coaches the last two years.

Epstein still has several months in the offseason to get it right, but so far, the Cubs look like they’re getting it wrong. The more coaches that get whacked, the more a team is enabling the players.

In his hour-long-plus autopsy of the failed season last month,…



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