‘Fearless’ was the last time Taylor Swift could pretend she was normal


Ten years ago, most people didn’t have an opinion about Taylor Swift. Of course, back then Facebook was still mostly used by students, and Twitter was mostly used by Silicon Valley weirdos and Shaquille O’Neal, and neither had become the unbearable engine of opinion they would in 2018, but even so: Most people didn’t have an opinion about Taylor Swift because even though she was popular — having sold millions of copies of her debut self-titled record — she wasn’t mainstream. She was a country star, big on country radio and winner of country awards, but if you didn’t listen to country music, you could be safely ignorant about her whole deal.

Fearless, her sophomore album, changed all of that. It’s still her highest-selling album, having been certified diamond (meaning 10 million copies sold) in 2017, and her first to score a Top 5 Billboard single. Artistically, there’s not much new to say…



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