Ryan Reynolds’ Best Social Media Moments


Following celebrities on social media can be a real game of chance. You never know who’s a true tastemaker, who’s a meme lord, and who’s straight-up normie. But there’s no better way to weed out the flops of Hollywood than by hitting that Follow button on Twitter. It’s always reassuring to learn that certain famous people know exactly what social media is all about—that quintessential blend of thoughtfulness and humor. And nobody in Hollywood has found that balance better than movie star Ryan Reynolds.

There are plenty of reasons to love this guy. Reynolds has proven himself worthy of a fandom with his honesty, both in admitting his career faults and opening up about his mental health. His versatile roles in films throughout his career have made him a fan favorite, as well; he gave us the heebie jeebies in the 2005 remake of the classic thriller The Amityville Horror and somehow made us love AND…



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