Ivanka Trump is right, labor participation among 16-to-64-year-olds surging

robert romano

(Editor’s note: while Don is out of the office, please enjoy this guest editorial.)

“I think one of the tremendous opportunities that we’re seeing because the economy is so strong is that people who have been out of the workforce are coming back off the sidelines… And this is something we’re working incredibly hard to incentive, because there is a large population of prime-age men and women who are out of the workforce, and who are now slowly starting to return. And we’re seeing that.”

That was Ivanka Trump, daughter of and senior advisor to President Donald Trump, talking about the state of the U.S. economy and labor markets on Fox Business on July 1.

For that, she was excoriated by groups on left. For example, the Center for American Progress published a hit piece by Aaron Rupar entitled, “Ivanka Trump makes bogus claim about labor force participation rate.”




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