Katy Perry’s advice for Bebe Rexha | Arts & Entertainment


Katy Perry gave Bebe Rexha advice on dealing with social media trolls.

The 28-year-old singer got upset by some of the comments she’d received on her Twitter page, so the ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ hitmaker – who she was touring with – advised her to stay well clear of the remarks.

Bebe told news.com.au: “I was at dinner when I was on tour with Katy Perry and went on my Twitter and was reading the comments and got really bummed about what somebody had said.

“She was like ‘Why are you reading the comments? That’s the number one rule, don’t read the comments’.’

Meanwhile, the ‘Meant to Be’ singer recently spoke out about her “everyday battle” with anxiety, admitting she cries “a lot” and finds life “tough”.

She said: “I cry a lot. It’s tough. I have my own therapist and I have people I talk to. It’s an everyday battle,…



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