If You’re Criticizing Elon Musk for Trying to Save Kids With a Mini-Submarine, It’s Time to Take a Long, Hard Look at Your Life


This is about Elon Musk and his mini-submarine in Thailand. 

He’s taking a lot of flak and ridicule now for his team’s somewhat ostentatious effort to build it, and personally deliver it to the scene of the Tham Luang Cave rescue.

In the end, the sub wasn’t needed. Thanks to the Thai Navy SEALs and some incredibly courageous foreign cave divers, all 12 youth soccer players and their 25-year-old coach were rescued, much sooner than anyone even predicted a few days ago.

But it’s crazy to my mind that people are now criticizing Musk even for trying.

‘Hi sir, if possible can you assist’

Nobody wanted to say it a few days ago, but there was a lot of fear that the kids wouldn’t make it out. Speculation was rife that the effort would be a big success if it could even get some of the kids out.

One retired Thai Navy SEAL who’d been part of the rescue team gave his life.

Ah, how quickly we forget.

That’s the environment in…



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