What it’s like to own an Elon Musk/Boring Company flamethrower.

Fire from a flamethrower.

It’s lit.

Brendan Finn is a 20-year-old student at the United States Naval Academy. As of Saturday, he is also the proud owner of a flamethrower he bought from Elon Musk. As you may already know, the man that the Guardian called a “pyromaniac Willy Wonka” made good on his promise to start selling the fire-breathing toys (officially dubbed “Not-a-Flamethrowers”) through his Boring Company over the weekend. The company even hosted a pick-up party for the roughly 1,000 people who preordered them earlier this year. Finn was among the attendees and agreed to speak to Slate about the party and what life is like now that he’s got a flamethrower.

Slate: Did you make the trip to California for this?



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