Tesla’s Lawyers Don’t Want Anyone To Mention Elon Musk’s Name In Court


Tesla’s lawyers wanted to keep CEO Elon Musk’s name out of the courtroom as they defended the company on Monday at a National Labor Relations Board hearing in Oakland. Though Musk has made controversial statements about the ongoing union drive at Tesla’s Fremont car factory, the company’s legal team said references to Musk, who is not directly named in the NLRB’s complaint, are distracting.

The NLRB filed a complaint against Tesla in August 2017 after some of the company’s employees and the United Automobile Workers union alleged the electric car company was illegally intimidating workers to discourage them from attempting to unionize.

During Monday’s hearing, Tesla’s general counsel Mark Ross asked for a “standing objection” to “any mention of Mr. Musk,” but the judge denied his request.

Musk has historically had a lot to say about the union drive at Tesla. In May, he tweeted that…



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