Melania Trump’s Lengthy Recovery From Surgery Has Us Questioning How Serious Her Procedure Actually Was


Melania Trump’s team originally said she had a benign kidney procedure done at a local hospital. But it took the first lady nearly one month to officially come back into the spotlight, which has led many people to ask the question: How serious was the procedure? Here’s everything we know about Trump’s recovery, plus how long something like this should actually take (page 5).

Melania Trump had a kidney procedure on May 14

Melania Trump Joint Base Andrews Melania disappeared for weeks. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Melania Trump’s privacy is something she refuses to give up, no matter what her role is. When the first lady needed a kidney procedure, she gave no warning. The country was shocked when they found out Trump had been hospitalized and had undergone a procedure. At the time the procedure was completed, her recovery time was unknown, but her team said he was doing well.

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