Lingering questions from the Trump-Kim summit


Hopes for peace were palpable as they radiated out of Singapore. Given the real fears just six months ago that the US and North Korea were heading for a horrendous war amid Trump’s “fire and fury” rhetoric and Kim’s nuclear tests, that is a significant achievement in itself.

But the almost dreamlike encounter between the President of the United States and the supreme leader of the world’s most repressive state ended with mounting questions about what actually had been achieved, who had won most, and what will happen next.

Trump and Kim both got what they wanted from a propaganda bonanza punctuated by multiple photo-ops that will help cement the political legitimacy of both men in their vastly different contexts back home.

It might have been the reality star-turned-President’s most spectacular made-for-television event yet, as the globe tuned in to see him pull off an improbable feat in luring the leader of…



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