Who Did Melania Date Before Trump? This Is Everything We Know


Not much is known about Melania Trump’s love life prior to her connection with Donald Trump, a relationship that began when she was 28 years old. But did Melania date anyone before Trump? One man claimed he was Melania’s first beau, and that the two shared a coupledom that lasted a few months during her young adulthood in Slovenia.

In an interview with ABC, Jure Zorcic claimed he met Melania (then Melanija Knavs) “like in a movie.” They were both in a city, he said, he on his motorbike, she on foot. According to Zorcic, this happened in the summer of 1991, and he described that time as “the beginning of a new political era for us, the city was empty, blocked by the army.”

Zorcic said he was very impressed by Melania’s style (he called one leather ensemble “the most fashionable” outfit he’d ever laid eyes on). Melania reportedly agreed to get a coffee with him, and Zorcic claimed they spent that summer…



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