Elon Musk Admits His Robot Problem Caused ‘Production Hell’


Elon Musk has not kept quiet about how much production of the Tesla Model 3 is stressing him out and his concerns over the dangers of A.I. He now admits that the problem with production was, ironically, caused by a reliance on robots and too much technology.

CBS This Morning took a tour of Tesla’s production line for the Model 3 with Musk. He confirmed there was too much reliance on robots to manufacture the electric vehicle resulting in the company producing 2,000 vehicles a week, a far fewer amount than the original 5,000 he suggested when the vehicle was first unveiled. Musk said the problem stems from the Model 3 having too much technology and should have been staged with workers on the line instead of relying solely on robots to build the car.

“Yes, excessive…



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