‘1883’ Bids Goodbye to More Characters as Tensions Rise [Spoiler]


1883 brought the tension to the boil-over point during Episode 3, which bid farewell to several more characters while also offering a few tender moments.

Episode 3 opens with a wagon that’s bogged down in a rut, and then one of the immigrants traveling on the wagon train that’s headed West is accidentally killed after he does not listen to Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott). The next minutes are a montage of all of the various ways some of the travelers wind up dying along the way during the early days of the arduous journey, but as many obstacles as they have to face and overcome every day, there is one hurdle they cannot clear: They come to a river the wagons cannot cross, forcing them to make a decision to either turn West or East to find a place to ford or ferry, which will cost them valuable time as winter approaches.

Viewers see tensions start to rise between Brennan and James Dutton (

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