100 Facts Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Should Now Allow People To Say


It’s only been a couple of days since Elon Musk officially took the Twitter reins completely, and already notable conservative accounts are seeing a remarkable spike in followers. But there’s a long road ahead if Musk wants to make the website a haven for free speech, starting with reinstating the account of the 45th president and releasing Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson from Twitter jail.

“Free speech haven” appears to be precisely Musk’s goal, though, so we have hope things will keep looking up. Here’s to no more “hateful content” warnings for pointing out the Y chromosome or saying the 2020 election wasn’t perfect.

To that end, I’ve compiled 100 facts that censorious Democrats might not like but Musk-owned Twitter should let people tweet.

1. Boys and girls are different.

2. Ivermectin works.

3. Cloth masks aren’t…

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